You’re in a band, you’re pretty good but you don’t look it?!

Any band, soloist, poet or actor need professional looking images…it’s that simple.

If you know me already then you know, I have my own band “Go Commando“. We’ve been going about 6 years at the time of this blog and our diary is fully booked. Of course, there’s a lot of factors to a great band; the songs, the gear, the lighting and of course promo!

It’s so important nowadays with the thousands of other bands on the scene that you stand out with your images. People want to see photos and videos before they’ll even think about booking you. Now, when we say images…we don’t mean you and your 5 band mates cramped in front of some shitty cheesy backdrop from the 90’s whilst you all wear sparkly red ties, no no!

These days people want images to show character and personality…so if you’re a wedding band maybe a nice shot outside a grand venue with a fountain or a staircase in the foyer etc. but it doesn’t all have to be sickly sweet. If you and your fellow musicians stage dive and chew the head off of bats on stage then maybe the velvety bubble bath isn’t for you?! Go and shoot in an alley somewhere or an abandoned building or something.

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