How to write a brief!
Commercial Photography Best Practices

If you want to save yourself some money on your commercial photography project and make your photographer jump with glee around the office; here’s what you need to include in your enquiry…


The Simple Stuff

Project Name: Easy one this

Media Type: What commercial media do you need… great photography, a stunning video, brochure, packaging labels? Explain yourself and save time

Deadline: When do you need it finished?

Budget: If applicable, how much do you want to spend on it


The Important Bits

(that everyone forgets)

The points below are the difference between “okay” and “amazing”, this information is where the designer really connects with the project and what you want to achieve

Target Audience: Who are you trying to reach?

Objective: What do you want them to do when you’ve reached them? Phone you, go online, read more or subscribe?

Message: What exactly is your message? You’d be amazed how many projects start and end without anyone really deciding what they are trying to say

Tone/ Colours: Give an idea towards tone of language and colour schemes you feel might convey your meaning

Competition: If applicable, what or who is it that you are trying to beat?

Inspiration: Provide two or three ideas that you really like. We won’t rip them off but it’s a great insight into you and your business


So next time you are giving the go-ahead on a commercial photography media project, follow these steps. You’ll save time, money and best of all you will get a much better end product


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