Top Tips On How To Improve Your Headshot And Book More Business

A Photographers Guide...

Whether you are an actor, artist or CEO your headshot needs to be the best it can be. A Headshot is your first impression and can often lose you clients before you even introduce yourself.

Here are the top things to look for…

  • Head & Shoulders Only
  • High Quality, Sharp Image
  • Dress Simple & Smartly
  • Don’t Let Your Photographer Photoshop You To Death
  • Get A Photographer That You Like And Will Bring Out Your Best

What makes a good Headshot image?

When asking for a headshot, it’s most useful to include head and shoulders only. Firstly it looks more natural but it is also very flattering if you are worried about your waistline.

Lastly, if using your image for profile pictures on Linkedin, Facebook or Wordpress website having just your head and shoulders in the image will allow your head to fill more of the frame. Social media profile pictures are often quite small and this allows you to still be seen clearly.

How often should I renew my headshot?

Ultimately your business portrait needs to be a true reflection of how you look now! We usually recommend around 1-2 years between shoots but if you have a change of haircut it may need to be sooner.

What are the headshot no-no’s?

-Try not to wear extremely bold colours or patterns
-Keep a studio background neutral…White, Black or Grey work best
-If shooting outside try to reflect your business industry. Nice trees or brick walls can work great when shot a little blurry
-For ladies, try to avoid your “night out” makeup, keep it simple and natural



Allow plenty of time for your Headshot Photography session, don’t expect to keep the first shot you take. It takes time to relax and start to get a natural image.

Find a photographer that understands body language and confidence building. A great photographer will be able to direct you with head, nose, mouth, jaw and shoulder position.

Limit the amount of retouching you ask for, your headshot needs to remain natural and believable

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