Sony A7 III Gear Review

Hands on with the latest mirrorless body from Sony Cameras

So this Tuesday I was lucky enough to be shooting and trying out the new A7 Mk III from Sony, a quick recap of the headline stats for this camera which I am calling the baby brother of the incredible A9

  • 710 shots from one battery charge
  • 693 Focus Points (same as A9)
  • New joystick for quicker selections
  • Touch Screen
  • Autofocus
  • 177 shot buffer
  • 10Fps
  • 204,800 ISO

For the Photographers, it’s got the 24.2 megapixel sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range which is pretty amazing. The camera is 2x quicker and shoots 10fps. As well as the new 204k ISO which still looks extremely clean, even when ramping it up!

For the videographers out there, this camera is shooting 4K HDR footage at 30fps (cropped) and 24fps (full width) and the autofocus is lightning fast. As well as a crazy high ISO of 204k and 5 axis in-body stabilisation this camera has a lot of fantastic features for shooting video.

It has 15 stops of dynamic range and way better noise control than previous Sony models.

With a new, faster Bionz x processor this model is super fast and shoots 10fps and has a much faster AF system.

The sensor has been hugely improved and is now backlit which means way better images, especially in challenging low light shooting environments.


Why Sony are calling it the “Basic Model” I have no idea!


At around £1999 this camera is absolutely fantastic and steals a lot of amazing features straight from the A9.

This camera absolutely blows away the A7II, with dual card slots and a new bigger battery. Add the joystick and a the new touchscreen it’s a total no-brainer!