RIBA (Royal Institute Of British Architects) Commercial Shoot

The question is this…how do you make the most ordinary building in London come to life when on a commercial shoot?!
Considering this building is the home of the Royal Institute of British Architects, they have gone for a remarkably simple design. Add to this all the bike stands, passing traffic and protest marchers on every pavement in London and you’ve got a really interesting problem on your hands.

How do you make a boring scene look interesting?!

Here’s a look at RIBA Headquarters through another Photographers’ lens (no names here)

RIBA London- Commercial Photography

Looking at this, there are some good points:

  • Corner angle shows the most building possible
  • Corner angle also creates the most depth in the picture
  • Low camera position makes the building appear more grand
  • Focus is towards the top of the building which distracts from the street/ traffic/ cars etc.

The not so good points:

  • By exposing for the highlights the building is pretty dark
  • Time of day makes the building look closed
  • No visual interest in the scene
  • Fairly muted overall tones
  • Converging lines- the building gets narrower towards the top

So how would I shoot this building?

Business Photography London

I chose to setup my camera late in the evening for a number of reasons:

  • Interior lights add interest
  • Front angle- using the traffic to my advantage to create motion and interest
  • Lots of flares and light trails created by long shutter speed
  • The Blue uplighters create contrast and shadows in the brickwork

Sometimes a location can be amazing in the morning and awful in the evening, that’s just the way it is.
As a commercial photographer covering Brighton, East Sussex, London and the UK it’s my job to take all this into account using apps to track the sunset and working out how to make your business photography look it’s very best.

I like my commercial photography to appear larger than life and really enhance the features that are already there for me to work with.

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