Sometimes you just can’t get high enough!

Sussex Media Design | Drone Photography

Sometimes you just can’t get the best angle without going airborne!

Normally Sussex Media Design stay on solid ground but occasionally we bring out the big guns for our clients…

These days Drones are becoming more and more common and although I love mine, they do get a lot of bad press. In the wrong hands they can be a total menace – like in this recent Drone incident at Gatwick Airport

Saying that, with a licensed professional at the controls…they become not just a remote control toy but a photographers dream. The shots and video clips that were reserved for those with a hollywood budget; are now available to us mortals!

Check out this awesome scene…

Sussex Media Design | Drone Photography
Captured easily in 2 minutes with a 1 man crew on the ground |DJI Phantom 3 Professional
  • Quick to set up
  • One man can operate
  • No need for expensive helicopters
  • Reach areas that were previously inaccessible
  • Image quality is improving all the time
  • Great fun!!

We help customers get new exciting images, whether it’s a wedding or a business promo shoot…Aerial images always amaze

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