Knowing what to wear to an Engagement Photography shoot can be tricky so here’s a few top tips!

When taking great engagement photography images there are three main considerations regarding clothing;

  • Making sure the colours don’t overpower the image
  • That you feel confident in the clothes and that they flatter you
  • Being careful that the outfit doesn’t overpower the subject

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So what should you wear?

There are no hard and fast rules and please feel free to show us outfits in advance or get our opinion before coming to the shoot. Sometimes these guides don’t fit every situation but generally speaking; this is solid advice..

  • Solid colours are always good- avoid crazy patterns, logos or graphics that might steal the thunder
  • Softer tones are a great choice- so rather than full zingy bold versions, perhaps a lighter more pastille shade?
  • Choose either darker or lighter shades- have similar shades in both your top and bottom half
  • Use a colour wheel for help and only use 1-3 different colours. Simple is always best, try working with just 2 or 3 shades of the same colour?!

If you want a more detailed look into choosing colours-
check out this article “The Art Of Choosing Colour” by Macworld

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Other thoughts…

  • Sleeves/ shorts- short sleeves and shorts are only for very casual looking pictures. Which is fine but if you are after a more polished look try long sleeves rolled up slightly with long trousers
  • Dark Footwear/ socks- Unless you want your feet to be the highlight of the image!
  • Haircut- If having a haircut for the shoot, give it at least a week to grow in and look more natural. We can always spot a new hair-do!
  • Go easy on the makeup, don’t shove tonnes of makeup over an area hoping to cover a pimple…if something bothers you that much- do your makeup lightly and we’ll edit it later in post production for you. We don’t manipulate photos to help you drop a stone instantly but we all have the odd spot or wrinkle that we would rather not see hanging on our lounge room wall!

Overall there are no right or wrong answers but all these things can definitely help you get an image you love!

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Pete Lowe
Sussex Media Design