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Choosing the right photographer

With phones and cameras improving all the time, do we actually need a professional?!


So here’s a few thoughts to consider when asking yourself that exact question


Great images are important but you are also need to choose someone that you can enjoy working with

A good photographer knows how to bring out your personality in a fun way but at the same time be relaxed and assuring when the time calls for it.


Don’t just choose a photographer based on money alone!!

Expensive photographers aren’t always the best and affordable photographers can often be a better fit for you…ask to see some of their work and have a phone call to decide


We all know that friend with an expensive camera so it can be a real temptation to save money and sometimes ‘auto’ can be all you need!

But what happens if the location isn’t naturally beautiful or the weather means you are restricted on where you can shoot?

Pro’s know how to make the best of bad lighting and less than perfect conditions. Anyone can take a nice picture when everything looks beautiful…photographers can save the day when times get tough!


We carry spares for everything and we backup our images a lot!!

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